Academic Assistance provides tutoring for all technology courses taught at New River Community College in the Fall and Spring semesters. Whether the student has problems understanding computer concepts, using welding or automotive terminology, seeing perspectives in drafting or comprehending the mathematics of electronics, the tutors in Academic Assistance are here to help.

With your instructor's permission, tutors are able to work with clients in the appropriate labs on campus, as well as in our offices.

Be sure to bring your textbooks, assignments, calculators, and other references to your tutoring session.

Attend each and every scheduled tutoring session. This will make it easier for your tutor to keep up with your progress and help you with a better understanding of the material to be covered in the future class sessions. When you know what the instructor will be talking about, it is easier to comprehend what you hear.


Some helpful links regarding electricity:
In addition to trying to sell his books, Mike Holt offers a lot of free stuff for electricians and wannabes.

A lot of information and other interesting material for those who work with electricity.

Tom Henry is another author who has books to sell, but also keeps an interesting site for the electrical trade.

You will find a lot of free instruction in electricity and related fields here.

Electronics theory and practice make this site beneficial to the electronics students.


Tutoring services are FREE to all New River Community College students.