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Associate Degree Programs
The Associate in Arts and Science Degree (AA&S) is granted to students who major in special courses of study such as business administration, liberal arts, education, and other pre-professional programs and who may plan to transfer to four-year schools after completing community college programs.

The Associate in Applied Science Degree (AAS) is granted to students who major in one of the occupational/technical courses of study and who may plan to work full-time as soon as they graduate from college.
Associate Degree Requirements To be eligible for graduation with an associate degree from a community college, the student must:
  1. have fulfilled all of the course and credit-hour requirements of the degree curriculum with at least 25 percent of the credits acquired at the college awarding the degree;
  2. have been certified by an appropriate college official for graduation;
  3. have earned a grade point average of at least 2.0 in all studies attempted which are applicable toward graduation in the student's curriculum;
  4. have filed an application for graduation in the Office of Admissions and Records
  5. have resolved all financial obligations to the college and returned all library and college materials.
The following links will provide specifics about each program.
Accounting Program Administrative Support Technology Programs Business Management Program Computer Aided Drafting and Design Programs Electrical/Instrumentation/Electronics (EIE) Programs Information Systems Technology Programs Machine Technology Program Marketing Programs Police Science Programs