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CST 100 Sections 30 and 31 DE - Public Speaking Class Policies

Attendance is paramount in earning a good grade in any course, but more so in a performance oriented class such as public speaking which includes presentations and discussions. Since class participation activities comprise 10% of the final grade, absences will necessarily affect the grade of the student regardless of the reason for the absence. The instructor will maintain an attendance record and will enforce the Instructor Initiated Withdrawal Policy. Students enrolled in CST 100 30 and 31 are required to meet on campus four times in order to publicly present speeches. Each student will be allowed to miss two (2) of the four required class meetings. If a student misses three (3) of the required four class meetings, the student will be withdrawn by the instructor. A Faculty Withdrawal form will be completed and submitted to the Admissions and Records Office. A grade of "W" will be recorded during the first sixty percent (60%) period of the course. Students withdrawn after the sixty percent (60%) period will receive a grade of "F" except under mitigating circumstances, which must be documented. A copy of this documentation must be placed in the student's academic file. The student will be notified of the withdrawal by the Admissions and Records Office.

The grade of any presentation given later than the assigned date will be dropped one (1) letter grade regardless of the reason for the absence. The student should be prepared to give his/her presentation during the next class meeting. The student will deliver his/her presentation after the speeches assigned for that class meeting have been delivered.

As an expression of courtesy to the audience - no speaker will be allowed to chew gum, use tobacco products (chewing tobacco or snuff), or wear a hat while delivering a speech.

As an expression of courtesy to speakers - (in order not to interrupt a presentation) students with personal paging devices and/or cellular telephones are asked to make alternate communication arrangements during assigned class meetings

No student will be allowed to substitute a video taped presentation in place of the required in-class performance. All students are required to demonstrate proficiency in a live, face-to-face, public performance.

An orderly classroom environment is important to teaching and learning. Students who disturb that environment by, among other things, talking and whispering to, making motions to, fellow students during class meetings distract other students. Such inconsiderate behavior will not be tolerated. Persistent problem students will not be permitted to remain and will be dismissed from the class meeting. To be readmitted, the student must apologize to the class.

Tardiness Policy

The classroom environment is disturbed when students come to class late and/or leave early. Emergencies do occur causing occasional lateness. Most tardy students, however, simply come late as a habit. Be on time to class. Class is to be started and ended on time unless there are extenuating circumstances. Tardiness is defined as arrival to class after the student's name is called for roll. Please keep in mind the following when it is necessary to arrive late as the result of an emergency.

  1. Enter the classroom in as quiet and inconspicuous manner as possible and to take a seat close to the door.
  2. Do not enter the room if another student is delivering a speech. Please wait until the speech is concluded before entering the room.
  3. The responsibility for seeing the instructor after class to insure that the tardy is not permanently recorded as an absence rests with the student.
  4. Be aware that two tardies will be considered as one absence.

**Special Note: Any student who arrives after 7:00 PM without prior approval from the instructor will be counted absent from that class meeting and no speech will be delivered.

The following objects/processes are prohibited from use in the classroom:

  • no firearms or other forms of weaponry
  • no caustic chemicals, vapor producing agents or solvents
  • no explosives or explosive devices
  • no alcohol or controlled substances
  • no invasive procedures (body piercing or tattooing)
  • no machines/tools requiring the need for class-wide safety equipment
  • no other life forms than those registered for the class may take part in a presentation

-All speeches will be given in the classroom for reasons of safety-

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