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The library houses 50 computer workstations for student use. Each of these computers are connected to the campus network and provide numerous software programs as well as Internet access. Students may print from computers in the library for all course-related assignments at no charge. Public patrons are requested to keep printing to a minimum with a 10 page limit per day.

Copy Machines

A photocopy machine is located in the library in the copy room of the library. There is a $.10/page fee for photocopies. Microfilm/fiche readers are also located in the library. There is a $.10/page fee for these copies as well.


Students may print college or research related items from computers within the library. There is currently no charge for this service.

Media Viewing

Televisions with VCR and DVD players are available for viewing educational media. They are located in the Copy Room. Headphones are available to ensure viewing privacy.