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General Requirements for Machine Shop

When entering machine technology at New River Community College, you can enter with no past background of any kind in dealing with machine technology. The machine technology program also takes students who come from high school with one or more years experience in the machinist field.

Machine Shop Operations Diploma

The requirements for the machine operations curriculum consist of instruction in the various subject areas necessary for competency in the machinist field. Approximately one-half of the curriculum is devoted to the setting-up and physical operation of various machine tools, with the remaining courses in related subjects and general education. Students are urged to consult with their faculty advisor and a counselor to plan their program. Upon completion of the four-semester curriculum, the student will be awarded a diploma in machine Operations.

Machine Technology Degree

The first two semesters of this program are designed to provide the background study and practical application needed for the advanced study in the second year. The curriculum includes machining experiences designed to develop students' proficiencies and knowledge of advanced concepts and methods of modern machine tool operations. Students are urged to consult with a counselor and their faculty advisor in planning their program and selecting electives. Upon satisfactory completion of the four-semester program, the graduate will be awarded the Associate in Applied Science degree in Machine Technology.

Students who plan to transfer to a four-year college after completing A.A.S. degree requirements should inform their academic advisors at the beginning of studies to determine the appropriate courses to meet transfer requirements.