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Rapid Response

Rapid Response is administered by the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) and operated locally by New River Community College (NRCC). As one of only four community colleges in Virginia that operates a Rapid Response program, NRCC is responsible for the needs of the entire western region. The western region encompasses 39 cities and counties from Alleghany and Bath counties to the north, Halifax County to the south on the North Carolina border, and Lee County to the West on the Kentucky and Tennessee borders. 

  • What is Rapid Response?

    • The Virginia “Rapid Response” program provides a variety of services to workers involved in mass layoffs or plant closings. Services include job search assistance, help with unemployment documents, financial management seminars and help locating skills training.

    • Rapid Response is a flexible program, offering services in various combinations targeted to an employer’s specific needs and requests. The response coordinator begins by meeting with the employer conducting the layoff to learn more about the situation and get an idea of what services Rapid Response and other program partners (such as the VEC) will need to provide. The employees are also surveyed to find out what types of seminars and training they would like to receive. Based on the results of the meetings and surveys, the coordinator begins putting together specific materials for the company.

    • Rapid Response began operating under the provisions of the Workforce Investment Act legislation of 1988, which required each state to establish a Rapid Response unit. Virginia’s Rapid Response program wasn’t originally contained within the VCCS. Rather, the program began as part of the Virginia Employment Commission (VEC), moved to the Governor’s office on workforce training in 2007, and then to its current home in the VCCS.

  • VCCS Rapid Response Information

New River Community College Rapid Response Contact Information

New River Community College – Rapid Response Western Region Service Provider
Beckie Cox, Rapid Response Coordinator, Western Region
5251 College Dr.
Dublin, VA 24084
Phone: 540-674-3600 ext. 4284
Fax: 540-674-3634