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Science Student

Estimate your G.P.A.

Step 1: To use this G.P.A. calculator you must first enter the following information from your NRCC transcript:

NRCC Transcript Totals
Total Credit Hours Taken
Current Cumulative G.P.A.

Step 2: Enter the number of credits you will take next semester. Then enter your anticipated G.P.A. OR enter a target cumulative G.P.A. in the table below. Click "Calculate" to read your projected totals at the bottom.

Next Semester
To Raise overall G.P.A.
Total Credit Hours
Anticipated G.P.A.
Target Cumulative G.P.A.
To raise your cumulative GPA, earn a minimum G.P.A. next semester.


For a detailed look at next semester, complete the following worksheet:

  1. Enter the credit hours and expected grade for each course. Do not enter credit from developmental classes (courses in which you receive an "S" or "U" since these courses are not used in calculating your G.P.A.) or classes that you have taken on a Pass/Fail, "P" or "F" basis.
  2. For any course you are repeating, enter the most recent grade received.
  3. Click “Calculate”.

Next Semester Worksheet

Class Repeat Course Credit Hours Expected Grade

Step 3: Read your projected totals.

Projected Total Credit Hours
Projected Cumulative G.P.A.

Notes about repeat courses:

N/A means non-applicable, indicating the course is not a repeat course. In most cases, the most recent grade you received in the course is the one used to calculate your current G.P.A.. (Your course catalog has details on any exceptions.)

This tool is for your personal use in estimating your G.P.A. Your official G.P.A. is calculated through the Admissions and Records Office.

Contact Admissions and Records Office if you have questions. (540-674-3603)