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     Whether you're looking for that perfect job or want to become your own boss, New River Community College can help you earn the credentials you need! NRCC's credentialing programs provide the materials, training and testing necessary to obtain documentation ranging from Virginia's Career Readiness Certificate to specialized certifications in building trades and green energy.

Credentials for Your Career 

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Microsoft Office Specialist Certification (MOS) offers job seekers a real-world, recognizable credential that demonstrates they have the skills and expertise businesses depend on. The MOS certification is composed of eight separate exams that assess a user’s skill level with Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, OneNote, SharePoint 2010 and Office 365.

     Users can choose to take the exam for each program or just the programs in which they wish to be MOS certified. Expert level tests and a “master” level MOS certification are also available.

Virginia's Career Readiness Certificate 
     A certification that shows employers that you have the skills required by at least 85% of all jobs in the country (as profiled by ACT WorkKeys®) - that's Virginia's Career Readiness Certificate. The certificate uses the WorkKeys® comprehensive skills tests to assess potential employees' skills in core areas such as reading, applied math and locating information.

     Once earned, the Career Readiness Certificate serves as a portable skills credential that allows employers to verify job seekers' skills quickly and easily and assess their potential for placement, retention and advancement.

Apprenticeship Related Instruction
     On-the-job training. It sounds like a great option, but how do you get started? In Virginia, the community college system supervises Apprenticeship Related Instruction (ARI). ARI provides apprentices with knowledge of the theoretical and technical subjects related to their trade.

      Each registered apprentice completes supervised on-the-job work experience in a specific trade along with other related instruction. Depending on the occupation, apprenticeships can vary in length from one to six years, with four years of on-the-job training being the average.

     While the journeyman credential is presented by the Virginia Department of Labor, NRCC's role in coordinating apprenticeships involves working with business and industry to develop and deliver instruction to apprentices that meets the specific needs of the employer and supports the development of skilled and well-rounded journeymen.

Independent Motor Vehicle Dealer Operator Course
     As everyone knows, automobiles are big business in the United States. If you've considered establishing your own motor vehicle dealership, NRCC can help you get started. NRCC offers the Virginia Independent Automobile Dealer Association's (VIADA) Independent Motor Vehicle Dealer Operators course. 

     This required, two-day course takes the student through steps to establishing a dealership under local zoning and Dealer Board requirements, the sales process, laws and regulations, operating expenses, and more! Students must pass the end-of-course test with a grade of 80% before they can move on to the final Department of Motor Vehicles exam.

Building Contractor Licensing
     For those looking to enter the profession of contracting, NRCC can help you take that first step. The college offers the Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation and Board of Contractors approved Building Contractor Licensing course. 

     While this course does not cover all of the content areas on the contractor's exam, all first-time applicants for a Class C, B, or A license as well as those changing a business type must take this class.

Trades License Renewal Courses
     Attention journeymen, master plumbers, electricians, HVAC mechanics and gas fitters - you know you need continuing education in your profession as part of the licensing process, but did you know you can fulfill that requirement at NRCC? 

     NRCC offers Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation and Board of Contractors approved renewal courses in the traditional classroom format and online.

"Green" Credentials Online
Through partnerships with ProTrain Online and JER Online, NRCC offers a wide range of Green/Renewable Energy credentials! 

     More and more "green jobs" are opening up today.  You can be on the front lines with green credentials in areas such as stormwater inspection, indoor air quality management, green designing and energy auditing.

     With the easy-to-access online course option, you can train for a "green" career whenever and wherever is most convenient for you.

Community Credentials

     Credentials aren't just for work - they enrich your personal life too!

Motorcycle Basic Rider and Sidecar/Trike Courses
     Hitting the road on that brand new motorcycle starts with obtaining a motorcycle license. NRCC offers the Basic Rider Course that prepares the rider for state licensing with an exemption of all DMV tests and may even count toward discounts with some motor vehicle insurance companies.

     Riders receive classroom instruction and on-motorcycle instruction under controlled range conditions. The BRC program provides motorcycles, helmets and textbooks for each rider.

     More keen about three wheels than two? Check out NRCC's Sidecar/Trike Rider course. This course is designed to teach riders the skills necessary to operate a three-wheeled vehicle safely on the street.

     Riders are encouraged to bring their own sidecar or trike for use in the course, but some units are available for participants to use if they do not currently own one.

Concealed Carry, Handgun Safety Course
   If you're applying for a handgun permit through the courts, NRCC's Concealed Carry, Handgun Safety course is a great resource. 

     Students learn the nomenclature of revolvers and/or semi-automatic handguns and understand safety issues related to handgun ownership. The lecture portion of the course takes six hours and is required. Optional range time is also included. 

     For more information on the Concealed Carry, Handgun Safety course, contact Judy Ratcliff at (540) 674-3613.

Custom Credentialing Programs 

     Welders at the Volvo Trucks North America, Inc. in Dublin need to be certified through the American Welding Society (AWS). NRCC has partnered with Volvo to help provide welding education and certification with the help of an AWS certified instructor.

     Of course, each industry has its own list of crucial credentials. So, what credentials do your employees need?

     NRCC would be happy to work with your business to explore options for your credentialing needs. Contact Patty Ryan at (540) 674-3613 for more information. 

Apprenticeship Related Instruction (ARI)

     Training highly skilled workers through apprenticeship is a solid investment for employers. Employers drive the on-the-job training and the curriculum for the related instruction provided to workers in the program.

     The related instruction is designed to provide apprentices with the knowledge of the theoretical and technical subjects related to their trade.

     Each registered apprentice completes a minimum of 2000 hours of supervised on-the-job work experience in a specific trade, and a recommended minimum of 144 hours of related instruction for each year of apprenticeship. Depending on the occupation, the length of apprenticeship varies between one and six years, with four years of on-the-job training being the average.

     Related Instruction is based on the specific trade areas and the courses are developed in cooperation with industry leaders. Specialized curriculums are designed to meet specific needs within the trade as well as meet employer needs. Apprenticeship related instruction is planned by working directly with sponsoring employers to develop the appropriate academic, technical and core course work for the apprentices.

     The role of the NRCC's apprenticeship coordinator is to work with business and industry to develop and deliver related instruction to apprentices that meets the specific needs of the employer and supports the development of skilled and well-rounded journeypersons. For more information on apprenticeship related instruction, contact: Patty Ryan, 540-674-3633 or