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I am enrolled in an online course, do I need to come to campus?

Check course requirements using the course profiles link www.nr.edu/de/courses.php.

Do I need a computer?

Yes. Because students access their course through a web browser and the Internet, it is best to have your own computer with a high speed Internet connection. However, you may come to campus and use one of the many labs available for students.

What browser should I use to access my courses in Blackboard?

Mozilla Firefox or Chrome rather than Internet Explorer must be used. Tests/quizzes should be taken using a “wired” connection – a wireless connection is not recommended.

What is a proctor?

Some professors require students to take exams/tests in a supervised environment; refer to your course plan in Blackboard or visit course profiles www.nr.edu/de/courses.php. Proctored exams/tests can be completed at either of our two testing centers (Martin Hall on campus or NRCC’s NRV Mall Site in Christiansburg) or through an approved proctor IF you live outside the college’s service region. Proctors are approved at the beginning of each semester. The proctor request form can be accessed at: www.nr.edu/de/proctoring.php.

How do I know what materials are required for my courses?

Before classes begin, you can visit the Virtual Bookstore at www.nr.edu/bookstore to determine books and materials needed for your classes. Once classes start, your course plan will list required books and materials. Check the bookstore website for business hours. Books can be purchased on campus or through the Virtual Bookstore website.

What does it mean if my course is labeled as OER or Z?

Open Educational Resources (OER) are freely accessible, openly licensed documents.  Professors may provide these resources instead of textbooks.  Z courses will be less than $40.00 or no cost.

When can I access my materials and start the course?

On or after the first day of classes, visit Blackboard to access course materials. Also, check emails for information from instructors. (http://nr.my.vccs.edu or http://learn.vccs.edu.) Courses and course materials are not available before the first day of classes.

If you experience problems with publisher software (Cengage, Pearson, SAM), please direct all questions to your instructor or the support center for that software.

How do I contact my instructor?

Instructor information is listed in Blackboard, in the course plan, and the employee directory www.nr.edu/employees.

Can I be dropped from my course for non-participation?

Yes. Refer to your course plan in Blackboard.

When will my instructor grade my work?

Grading schedules vary with each instructor. Contact your instructor if you have specific questions about your assignments and/or tests.

I was just "locked out" of my Blackboard test; what do I do? I completed my test but don't see a grade?

Contact your instructor immediately if you are "locked out" or unable to access a test. If a numerical grade is not posted immediately in My Grades, you have exceeded the time limit for the test. Your instructor will determine how to score the test and post your score.

How do I get my grades?

Grades for most courses are posted in Blackboard under My Grades. Check your course plan or check with your instructor if you have questions about grades during the semester. Final semester grades are accessible online through the Student Information System (PeopleSoft).

How do I get help with Blackboard?

By email: de@nr.edu
By phone: Contact the eLearning Coordinator at (540) 674-3614
In person: Visit the Distance Education Office, Martin Hall 236 (inside the Library).

Where do I find my Blackboard account information?

Access http://nr.my.vccs.edu to lookup your username and set your password.

What if my Blackboard account isn’t accessible or doesn’t work?

If you are having login and password problems, contact the NRCC Help Desk at nr4help@nr.edu or phone 540-674-3600, ext. 4400

What if I need tutoring for one of my online courses?

Contact academic assistance, www.nr.edu/aa.



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