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business office

Meet Our Staff

Melissa Anderson, at extension 4310, can answer questions about:

  • Local funds
  • Student financials in the student information system
  • Fiscal policies and procedures
  • AIS training
  • Reading AIS reports or screens
  • Petty cash
  • Travel regulations
  • Travel vouchers, invoices and deposits or revenues
Phyllis Anderson, at extension 4212, can answer questions about:
  • The Cashier's Window in the Business Office
  • Cash advances and change funds
  • Cash collections
  • Cash collection procedures for fundraisers, plays, or other college-sponsored activities
  • Local funds payments
  • Tuition and fees charges and credits
  • Students' payments and refunds
  • Employers and other sponsors paying tuition and fees on the behalf of students
  • Accounts receivable and invoicing others for monies owed to the college.
Monica Carden, at extension 4406 can answer questions about:
  • Equipment inventory
  • Tagging college-owned equipment
  • Moving college-owned equipment around campus
  • Taking college-owned equipment home or off-campus
  • Disposing of or throwing away college-owned equipment
  • Bulk mailings
  • Postage, outgoing and incoming mail, and the use of UPS courier service
  • Re-arranging employees' mail boxes in the mailroom
  • The Supply Room
  • Purchasing policies and procedures
  • EVA and PARSS
  • Getting a small purchases charge card or travel charge card
  • How to order goods or services
  • What vendors provide what goods or services
Sheryl Carter, at extension 4216 can answer questions about:
  • Paying bills with state funds
  • Travel reimbursements including EDI
  • Accounts payable
  • State policies and procedures about using state funds
  • Checks returned to the college because an incorrect address
Misty McKinnon, at extension 3605, can answer questions about:
  • Availability of loan checks
  • Deposits of clubs' change funds
  • Change funds for clubs
  • Students' accounts
  • Tuition and fee and other payments
  • Who does what in the Business Office, if not listed on this web page