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business office

Meet Our Staff

Melissa Anderson, at extension 4310

  • Business Office Manager
  • Fiscal policies and procedures
  • AIS training
  • Reading AIS reports or screens
Monica Carden, at extension 4406
  • Equipment inventory
  • College-owned equipment (tagging, moving, and disposing of)
  • Postage, outgoing and incoming mail (including bulk mailings), and UPS courier service
  • Re-arranging employees' mail boxes in the mailroom
  • The Supply Room
  • Purchasing policies and procedures (including EVA)
  • Small purchases charge card or travel charge card (obtaining and use of)
Sheryl Carter, at extension 4216
  • Travel reimbursements and regulations
  • Local and state accounts payable
  • State policies and procedures regarding use of state funds
  • Stop payment and check reissue procedures
Julie Gilmore, at extension 4213

  • Local and State accounts receivable
  • Dual enrollment
  • Petty cash
  • Cashier duties
Leslie Poe, at extension 4212
  • Student accounts/Student financials
  • Students' accounts payments and refunds
  • Employers and other sponsors paying tuition and fees on the behalf of students
Kayla Simpkins, at extension 4488
  • Cashier's window in the Business Office
  • Tuition and other payments
  • Availability of loan checks
  • Deposit of club funds