NRCC Information Technology

   2013-2014 CS/IT Outstanding Students

IT Outstanding Students
L to R: Mrs. Eaton Faculty, Crystal Farris for IT Web Design, Seth Clemens for IT Game Design, Alula Dechassa for GS Computer Studies, Dr. Filer Faculty. Not pictured: Tim Coyle for IT Network and Dr. Sriranganathan Faculty. Photo by Joyce Taylor.

Who's Who Amoung Students in American Junior Colleges

- Frank Brooks
- Seth Clemens
- Alula Dechassa
- Erika LeonGuerrero
- Chris Tyree

Advanced Learners Program Graduates

- Matthew Murphy
- Cody Rigney
- Steven Tanner


Phi Theta Kappa

- Seth Clemens
- Timothy Coyle
- Crystal Farris
- Meron Habtemichael
- Melat Habtemichael

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NRCC Students
@ RU Programming Contest

On March 22, 2014 Gannon Combs, Matthew Campbell and James Beamer won second place in the programming contest held at Radford University.

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Thought you might find this article useful: The Price is Right: 11 Excellent Sites for Free Digital Textbooks. Here are the best sites for digital books that won't cost your students a dime.
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Price is Right for Digital Textbooks from Campus Technology Magazine

Also visit Safari Books Online through the NRCC Library site

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Internships Available NRCC Games Studio

We are looking for artists, animators, game designers and programmers to intern this summer or fall with the NRCC Games Studio.

You will work with a team of 2-3 students over the semester to create an educational game that will be available in the iPhone store. This is a great opportunity to add to your ePortfolio.

The internship is unpaid and be taken as ITP 290 for 3 credits. You can also do the internship non-credit if you do not need the credit hours.

Hours Required:

  • 14 hours/ week for 10 weeks for summer semester
  • 10 hours/week for 14 weeks for fall semester

Skill Requirements:

  • Flash and/or Photoshop for artists
  • GameMaker for game designers and programmers
  • Programming Skills for programmers

To apply send request to Mrs. Eaton ( or visit her at Mall 110 Office



NRCC Games Studio

NRCC GamesAll games available now from Apple's iPhone App store and iTunes. Click a game icon to view iTunes details.

Updated to iOS 7

Leo and Luna Series

Grammar DragonGrammar Dragon Wizards Luna & Leo rescue your friends from the castle captured by the dragon as you identify parts of speech. Available 10/24/10.

Opposite OceanOpposite Ocean - Antonyms Wizards Luna & Leo go into the ocean, and you earn pearls and coins from the clam for identifying antonyms. Available 08/06/10.

Same Meaning MagicSame Meaning Magic Synonyms Wizards Luna & Leo go into the garden, and you earn coins & jewels from the wishing well to identify synonyms. Available 07/18/10. Read more.

Same Sound Spell Bound Same Sound Spell Bound - Homonyms Wizards Luna & Leo practice spells in the castle. Animal statues come to life or turn to dust as you use homonyms correctly. Available 06/10/10. Read more.

Will Be Updated Summer to iOS 7

Aesop's QuestAesop's Quest
Read the Aesop stories and play reading games. Available 06/22/11. Read more.

Portion PlatterPortion Platter
Divide cookies, candy and milk glass into percentages & fractions. Available 02/28/11.

Factor RaceFactor Race Algebra
Move your car around the race track as you factor equations. Available 01/14/11.

Spelling CatSpelling Cat
Put your spelling word list in every week. Play missing letter, scramble or speak easy games. Available 10/20/10.

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Photograph by Joyce Taylor. Last updated: April 24, 2014