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NRCC Entrance

Security Services Information

REMINDER:FACULTY, STAFF & STUDENTS MUST REGISTER VEHICLES EACH ACADEMIC YEAR. Information on vehicle registration can be found on the Parking Regulations web page.

Office Location

The Security Office is located at the main entrance of Godbey Hall, across from the NRCC Information Office and Switchboard.


The security guards patrol the parking lots and grounds in order to maintain a safe campus environment here at NRCC. They are also on duty to assist students, faculty, staff and visitors whenever a need arises, such as keys locked in cars or dead batteries.

Parking Information

Vehicle parking decals are issued at no charge by the Security Office. All vehicles must be registered at the Security Office. Parking permits are also available at the front desk of Appalachian Hall in Christiansburg. Handicapped parking decals are available for persons with special needs. Handicapped parking is available in an area near Godbey Hall, an area near the automotive lab in Martin Hall and an area in parking lot H, behind Rooker Hall. Temporary parking permits are available for one-time use for citizens using our facilities for a short time.

Parking tickets are given for parking in fire lanes, visitor and state vehicle spaces, incorrect parking between lines, parking in "No Parking" zones, or parking on the grass. These violations carry a fine of $5.00 each and Illegally parking in a handicapped space carries a fine of $15.00.