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NRCC Mobile E-mail Help

Please note: Setting up an e-mail account on any device is solely at the user’s discretion.  Your e-mail and personal information could be at risk if your device is lost, stolen or compromised.

NRCC e-mail can be accessed using e-mail applicatons on mobile devices such as Android/Droid, iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices. At this time Blackberry mobile devices do not have the capability to communicate with NRCC Exchange servers to access e-mail accounts. e-mail address settings (Employees)

Here are some settings most e-mail applications need to connect to NRCC's Exchange servers:

Domain: NRCC
Username: Your NRCC username that you use to log into your e-mail and computers
Password: Your NRCC password that you use to log into your e-mail and computers
Check options that ask to use SSL or secure connections.

Please note:
Blackberry devices are unable to connect to NRCC's servers.
On some Android devices setup your account using "Corporate" or "Corporate Sync" account type.
POP and IMAP settings do not work with e-mail accounts. e-mail address settings (Students & Employees)

The VCCS utilizes Google's gmail for e-mail accounts.

If your device has an option for setting up a new "gmail" or "Google" account, choose that option and enter your VCCS username and password.

If your device does not have a "gmail" or "Google" account option, your e-mail account might still be able to be accessed using POP. You must first log into your account using a web browser and enable "POP" in your account's settings. Google has several tutorials about how to setup your device to communicate with your e-mail: Google POP Tutorials

If you need additional help, please contact the NRCC Help Desk.