Word Processing Center

Copy Equipment

A walk-up copier is provided for faculty and staff use. A departmental access code is required for copier access and these codes are available from WPC staff. Instructions for using the copier features will be provided by the staff. Please ask for help at any time.

The walk-up copier is provided as a "quick service" copier for all college employees; therefore, your copy runs should be limited to a small number of copies. Please do not use the copier as a means to give your work/study student something to do. Hassles at the walk-up copier may be kept to a minimum if you plan to leave your copying jobs for the photocopy technician to do for you. It will make your job much easier. Also, remember that there will always be a line, so planning ahead is your best alternative. Please remove staples and make sure your pages are numbered. Please use “white out” sparingly and let it dry thoroughly.

Brian is using the copy machineThe production copier used by the Photocopy Technician is a high-speed, digital copier with many of the same features as the walk-up copier, also includes the time-saving feature of scanning.

There is also a digital color copier for use by faculty and staff. There is a 12¢ per page charge for color copies. These charges are paid through budget transfers.

Other equipment provided in the Word Processing Center includes a folding machine that will quickly fold stacks of one-page documents into triple, double, or accordion folds. A cutting board is available for cutting thin stacks of paper. Three-hole punches and heavy-duty staplers are also available. A networked high-volume laser printer is available for your network printing.

A college use fax machine is provided for sending and receiving documents. Hint: To make your faxes more readable, select a typeface that won't "fall apart" when it's transmitted. The best typefaces to fax are: Palatino, Helvetica, Bookman, Schoolbook, and Courier. Stay away from Times Roman, Avant Garde and small type. Hint: Stick to black print on white paper. Colors that don't photocopy well--light blue and yellow--won't fax well. An unreadable fax means waste at both ends.

A plastic comb binding machine or a coil bind machine are used for documents that need to be bound. If you have a college document that needs binding, please talk with Betty.