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Student Organizations

Black Awareness Association Psychology Club
Campus Crusade for Christ Sports
Computer Club Student Government
Fine Arts Club SkillsUSA
History/Current Events Club  
Gay Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Straight Alliance Club  
Human Services and Early Childhood Development Organization  
International Administrative Professionals  
Kappa Pi International Art Honor Society  
Online Student Newspaper  
Multi-Cultural Club  
Phi Beta Lambda *** How to Form a Club at NRCC
Phi Theta Kappa *** Club Formation

New River Community College Clubs/Organizations

Black Awareness Association (BAA):
Advisor - Elaine Powell, ext. 3615
The primary purpose of BAA is to provide and enhance opportunities to increase consciousness of black culture and its contribution to society.

Campus Crusade For Christ:
Advisors - Jeff Levy, ext. 4362 and Rebecca Whitener, ext. 4403
New River students interested in Christian support, fellowship, and issues are welcome.

Computer Club:
Advisor - David Filer, ext. 4272
This club focuses on the skills of repairing and creating computers for campus and community use.

Fine Arts Club:
Advisors - Dr. Louise Billaud, ext. 4351; Karen Kegley, ext. 4322; and Tammy Parks, ext. 4468.
To promote knowledge of the fine arts through various activities, events, and performances. To involve the entire NRCC community in the immersion and enjoyment of theatre, art, music, dance, and architecture.

Gay Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Straight Alliance Club:
Advisor: Rod Reedy, ext. 4358
An organization to create an understanding and awareness through open dialogue between the gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, trans-gendered and straight communities. The club provides a safe-haven and voice for all students at NRCC.

History/Current Events Club: 
Sponsors:  Ted Farmer ext. 4294 and Bill Friedl ext. 4268.
The primary goal of the History/Current Events Club is to provide students with the opportunity to discuss historically significant events, contemporary issues, and make connections between the two for a better understanding of both history and current events. 

Human Services and Early Childhood Development Organization:
Advisor - Bonnie Graham, ext. 4318
New River students interested in early childhood education and child development are welcome to be members of this club.

International Association for Administrative Professionals (IAAP):
Advisors - Debbie Bond, ext. 4319; Becky Ridpath, ext. 4218
IAAP is a national organization which provides professional development opportunities for students in the Administrative Support Technology curricula.

Kappa Pi International Art Honor Society:
Advisors - Tammy Parks, ext. 4468.
To promote knowledge of the visual arts on campus.

Online Student Newspaper
NRCC has an online newspaper/magazine forum for student journalists to write about the life and times of New River Community College students and employees.  Contact Ms. Janet Hanks for more information at

Multi-Cultural Club(MCC):
Advisors - Dr. Rukmini Sriranganathan, ext. 4430, Dr. Heidi Morehead,
For international and all other NRCC students who are interested in learning about various places around the world and opportunities therein.

Phi Beta Lambda (PBL):
Advisors - Nancy Evans, and Amber Clark,
PBL is for students who are interested in developing leadership, communications, and team skills or simply looking for an organization to meet and network with others at the local, state, or national levels. PBL meets every first and third Tuesday of the month in Godbey 160 during the semester.

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK):
Advisor - Brian Clark, ext. 4249
PTK is the national honor society for American Junior and Community Colleges.  Membership is offered to those who achieve academic excellence (GPA of 3.2 and above) and have completed at least 12 credits of college level classes.

Psychology Club:
Advisor - Jason Watson, ext. 4435
The goal of Psychology Club is to promote the study of psychology, provide educational enrichment, promote personal development, and provide service to the campus and the community. Joining the Psychology Club offers students an opportunity to meet others with common interests, learn more about psychology, and get involved in events on campus.

The NRCC Student Activities office sponsors on and off campus sports opportunities for students.  On campus opportunities are usually held in the form of organized tournaments in chess, card games, table tennis, pool, and board games for special prizes.  The sports offered vary for each semester depending on the season and student interest.  Dates for these tournaments are usually announced at the beginning of every semester, and brackets & information are posted on the board outside of the Student Activities office. For more information see the NRCC athletics website at

Extramural or off-campus sports teams that play for NRCC are the New River Muskies baseball team, and the Softball Team. Baseball and Softball start & play games with other nearby colleges during the fall and spring semesters. Other club teams may be formed. Contact Contact: Rod Reedy at 540-674-3600, ext. 4358 or  

The men's basketball club practices locally and plays a schedule of games with other college level teams in Virginia. This is an NJCAA club team. The season is between October and March and may end with tournament competition. For more information, contact Coach Lamar Martin at 704-258-6327 or

The baseball team competes with other colleges in Region 10 of the National Junior Collegiate Athletic Association, which includes Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. The team consists of 30 players who try out the second week of fall semester. The top 30 players who qualify academically will be selected for the team. Any player who comes to the tryouts and was not selected for the team originally, will be offered a spot on the team if any openings occur during the fall or spring season. The fall season runs through the end of October and has 10 to 15 games. The regular season begins in February and runs through the first weekend in May and includes up to 40 games. All of the players must have a 2.0 cumulative and semester grade point average, and must be enrolled for at least 12 credits at all times during fall practice or the spring season in order to maintain eligibility. For more information, contact Wes Adcock at 674-3600. ext. 4461.

Soccer is a co-ed intramural club which may expand to extramural competition depending upon student interest and involvement. For fall 2014, practices and home games will be played at designated local fields, and players must complete necessary forms for participation. Players may be required to contribute funds toward the purchase of uniforms, and/or fundraise for the uniforms. Competition will be arranged with other college club teams in the region. To be eligible for intercollegiate competition, players must take at least 6 credits of NRCC classes and have a cumulative and semester GPA of at least 2.0. For more information, Contact: Rod Reedy at 540-674-3600, ext. 4358 or

The Lady Muskies softball team competes with other colleges in Region. It is an NJCAA club team. The team consists of up to 15 female students who try out. The top 15 players who qualify academically will be selected for the team. The regular season begins in February and runs through the first weekend in May and includes up to 10 games. All of the players should have a 2.0 cumulative and semester grade point average, and must be enrolled for at least 12 credits at all times during the spring season in order to maintain eligibility for coming years. Contact: Rod Reedy at 540-674-3600, ext. 4358 or

Student Government Association (SGA):

Advisor - Rod Reedy, ext. 4358
SGA serves as a vital link of communication between students, administration and faculty. It works to provide leadership necessary for the responsibilities of initiating new policies, services, and activities for the benefit of students. The SGA meets once per week. The SGA office is located next to the Student Activities office in the lounge. See the SGA constitution (located in the back section of the Student Handbook and Planner) for details about how the SGA works.

Advisors - Jeff Levy, ext. 4362
SkillsUSA is for individuals who are associated with one of the technical curriculums.


How to Form a Club at NRCC

Organizations may be established within the college for any legal purpose. Affiliation with an extramural organization such as a national society shall not disqualify the college branch.

A. A group shall become an organization when formally recognized by the official student and faculty committees. The following requirements shall be met:

  1. An official club charter or constitution and/or bylaws, a list of members when paying dues, officers, and the name of faculty/staff sponsor(s) should be submitted to the activities counselor. All changes and amendments shall be submitted for approval before they become effective.

  2. Where there is affiliation with an external organization such as a national society, that organization's constitution and bylaws shall be filed with the activities counselor. All amendments shall be submitted within a reasonable time before their effective date. All outside funds shall be treated consistently with Section 6.4.5 of the Policies, Procedures, and Regulations Operating Manual.

  3. Recognition of an organization implies neither approval nor disapproval of the aims, objectives, and policies of the organization. Any organization which engages in illegal activities on or off campus shall have sanctions imposed against it, which may include admonition, probation, restitution, and withdrawal of the college recognition.

  4. Membership in some selected college-related organizations shall be open to any qualified member of the college community who is willing to subscribe to the stated aim and meet the stated obligations of the organization regardless of race, creed, national origin or sex.

B. College facilities may be assigned to college organizations and community civic groups for regular business meetings, for social programs, and for programs open to the public unless in the opinion of the college President the group or the planned program poses a serious threat to the continued well-being and safety of the institution. Reasonable conditions may be imposed to regulate the timeliness of the requests, to regulate time and use, and to insure proper maintenance. (Contact the Division of Arts and Sciences, Godbey 132, ext. 3611.)

C. An individual, group or organization may use the college name only with the expressed or delegated authority of the college President.

D. Publications: Editorial freedom of the student press entails a corollary obligation under the canons of responsible journalism. All student publications shall explicitly state on the editorial page that the opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the college or its student body. Generally, college punitive action shall be limited to conduct which adversely affects the college community's pursuit of its educational objectives.

Club Formation (PDF File)

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