Dates of Interest:

Last day to drop and receive refund (10 wk session)
Last day to drop and receive "W" grade (1st 5 wk session)
First 5-week session classes end
Second 5-week session classes begin
Grades available online for students (1st 5 wk session)
How to Apply for Financial Aid

How to Apply for Financial Aid

Get the RIGHT applications. Contact your high school counselor or the Financial Aid Office at NRCC or any college to which you have applied. Some colleges also have their own financial aid applications. Make sure you complete all required applications. Applications are usually available by December of the year prior to filing.

Your Checklist for Success:

  1. Complete and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid after January 1. You can complete a FAFSA electronically at If you completed a FAFSA by November of the previous year, you should receive a renewal FAFSA request by email.
  2. If you wish to enroll for the Summer term, please complete the Summer Financial Aid Form online at
  3. Submit an application for admission (NRCC Application) and be accepted by the college. (Note: This is a separate application from the financial aid application and can be completed online at You must be placed into a credit curriculum by declaring a major to be eligible for financial aid.

To Complete Your Financial Aid Application, You Will Need This Information:

  1. Federal income tax forms (1040's and W-2's) for you, your parents, and your spouse (if applicable) for the previous calendar year.
  2. Records of the previous year's untaxed income, such as child support paid and/or recevied and untaxed income from such agencies as: Social Services, Social Security, and the Veteran's Administration.
  3. Bank account balances, lists of stocks, bonds, and other assets, and both the estimated value and mortgage balance of your other real estate (please do not include your home).

What Happens Next?

  1. Once the FAFSA is processed, you will receive a Student Aid Report by email. Follow the instructions carefully and provide any missing information. If you list NRCC as the school you wish to receive this information by adding our school code 005223, we will receive it electronically.
  2. The college Financial Aid Office will send you an Award Letter, instructing you how to view your award using our Student Information System (SIS). This site will detail the aid you are eligible to receive based on your application.
  3. To apply for a Direct Student Loan, complete the following steps:
    1. NRCC Student Loan Request – complete online at
    2. Master Promissory Note (MPN) – complete online at
    3. Entrance Counseling Form – complete online at