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Does it cost me anything to have tutoring?

Nope. Not a dime. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Tutoring is free to all NRCC students, and the Academic Success Center has a limited outreach program that provides free tutoring to students in local public school systems.

How do I get a tutor?

Submit a request for services form online or stop by 131 Godbey Hall on the Dublin Campus or 202 upstairs at the Mall Site.

How do I know what time I'm scheduled to meet my tutor?

We will notify you by email of your tutoring time. You may also check with the receptionist in 131 Godbey Hall on the Dublin Campus or 202 upstairs at the Mall Site.

Where do I meet my tutor?

In 131 Godbey Hall on the Dublin Campus or in 202 upstairs at the Mall Site. Sometimes, particularly for computer-related classes, tutoring sessions are held in other labs on campus, but you'll always meet for the first time in Godbey Hall, room 131 or at the Mall Site, room 202.

What do I bring to tutoring sessions?

Always bring your book, notes, and other materials from class. Bring your homework and any questions you might have, too. It sometimes helps if you write down the questions that you'd like to ask your tutor, particularly if something occurs to you in class, and you don't have a chance to ask your professor.

Can I request a particular tutor?

It's easy to request a specific tutor - just write the tutor's name on the Request for Services form when you fill it out.

Can the Academic Success Center help me with non-school-related projects?

The Academic Success Center is happy to help with résumé-writing, cover letters, and other tasks that aren't strictly related to course work.

Online Tutoring FAQs

How does a ZOOM meeting work?

The ZOOM meetings are started by the tutors, a link to be sent to the email address provided on the request for tutor form. You will click the link at the start time of your appointment and your tutoring will begin.

Do I have or need a ZOOM account?

Use your school email to sign-in to the zoom account, it is be free.

What if I am experiencing audio or microphone issues?

If you are having trouble being heard/hearing others in the meeting, check that you are using the correct microphone/speaker and try headphones if available.

What if I continue to have audio or microphone issues?

Use the chat feature if the area you are in is loud or if you are having trouble hearing/being heard.

What if I am experiencing connection issues?

Connection troubles can cause screen share to not work/stop working; make sure you have a good connection and connect without video if necessary.

What if I am experiencing connection issues during a ZOOM meeting?

If you are experiencing problems with the zoom session, try leaving and reconnecting with the link sent to you, that can solve many technical problems you may experience.



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