Distance Education Courses

Not all courses are offered each semester.
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ACC 124-35 Payroll Accounting X      
ACC 211-35/36 Principles of Accounting I X      
ACC 212-35/36 Principles of Accounting II X      
ACC 215-35 Computerized Accounting X    
ACC 219-35 Government and Non-Profit Accounting   X  
ACC 221-35 Intermediate Accounting I X    
ACC 222-35 Intermediate Accounting II X    
ACC 231-35 Cost Accounting I X    
ACC 241-35 Auditing I X    
ACC 261-35 Principles of Federal Taxation I X  


ADJ 100-35 Survey of Criminal Justice X  
ADJ 105-35 The Juvenile Justice System X  
ADJ 107-35 Survey of Criminology X  
ADJ 110-35 Introduction to Law Enforcement X  
ADJ 120-35 Introduction to Courts X  
ADJ 140-35 Introduction to Corrections X  
ADJ 177-35 Digital Evidence and Forensics X  
ADJ 211-35 Criminal Law E & P I X  
ADJ 212-35 Criminal Law E & P II X  
ADJ 234-35 Terrorism and Counter Terrorism X    
ADJ 236-35 Principles of Criminal Investigation X    
ADJ 237-35 Advanced Criminal Investigation X    
ADJ 248-35 The Principles of Probation and Parole X    


ART 101-35 History and Appreciation of Art I X    
ART 101-36AL History and Appreciation of Art I X    
ART 102-35 History and Appreciation of Art II X    
ART 102-36AL History and Appreciation of Art II X    
ART 250-35   X    


AST 101-35/36 Keyboarding I X  
AST 102-35/36 Keyboarding II X  
AST 107-35/36 Editing/Proofreading Skills X  
AST 107-37/38 Editing/Proofreading Skills X  
AST 117-35 Keyboarding for Computer Usage X  
AST 132-35 Word Processing I X  
AST 133-35  Word Processing II X  
AST 134-35 Word Processing III X  
AST 137-35/36 Records Management X    
AST 141-35/36 Word Processing I X    
AST 142-35/36 Word Processing II X    
AST 147-35 Intro to Presentation Software X  
AST 232-35/36 Microcomputer Office Applic X    
AST 236-35 Specialized Software Applications X    
AST 243-35 Office Administration I X    
AST 244-35 Office Administration II X    
AST 253-35 WP Desktop Publishing X    


AUT 215-35 Emission Systems Diagnosis and Repair
AUT 235-35 Automotive Heating and Air Conditioning
AUT 265-35 Automotive Braking Systems X X  


BIO 101-35 Biology I X    
BIO 101-36L/37L Biology I Lab X    
BIO 102-35 Biology II X    
BIO 102-36L  Biology II Lab X    
BIO 141-35  Anatomy/Physiology I X      
BIO 141-36L Anatomy/Physiology I Lab X  
BIO 141-37L Anatomy/Physiology I Lab   X  
BIO 142-35  Anatomy/Physiology II X    
BIO 142-36L Anatomy/Physiology II Lab   X  
BIO 150-35Z Introductory Microbiology X   X
BIO 150-36L Introductory Microbiology Lab   X  


BUS 100-35/36 Introduction to Business X  
BUS 116-35Z/36Z Entrepreneurship X X
BUS 165-35Z Small Business Management X X
BUS 200-35 Principles of Management X  
BUS 201-35 Organizational Behavior X  
BUS 205-35Z Human Resource Management X X
BUS 216-35 Probability & Statistics X  
BUS 226-35/36 Microcomp. Applic. In Business X  
BUS 236-35Z Communication in Management X X
BUS 241-35 Intro to Business Law X  
BUS 265-35 Ethical Issues in Management X  


CHD 118-35 Language Arts for Young Children X  
CHD 120-35 Introduction to Early Childhood Education X  
CHD 210-35 Introduction to Exceptional Children X  


CHM 05-35 Developmental Chemistry X  
CHM 111-35 College Chemistry I X  
CHM 111-36L/37L College Chemistry I Lab X  
CHM 112-35 College Chemistry II X  
CHM 112-36L College Chemistry II Lab X  


CAD 231-35 Computer Aided Drafting I X


CSC 110-35Z/36Z Introduction to Computers X X
CSC 110-37Z Introduction to Computers X X
CSC 200-35 Introduction to Computer Science  


CST 100-35 Public Speaking X   X  
CST 100-36 Public Speaking X   X  
CST 100-37 Public Speaking X      
CST 137-35
Oral Interpretation X X  
CST 141-35 Theatre Appreciation I X  


ECO 120-35 Survey of Economics X  
ECO 201-35/36 Principles of Economics I X  
ECO 202-35/36 Principles of Economics II X  


EDU 156-35 Single Parent Families X  


EGR 126-35 Computer Programming for Engineers   X X  


ELE 157-35 Electricity Fundamentals   X  
ELE 225-35 Electrical Control Systems X  
ELE 298-35Z Seminar and Project X X


ENF 3-35 Preparing/College English III X    
ENF 3-36Z Preparing/College English III X X
ENF 3-37 Preparing/College English III X    
ENG 108-35Z Critical Reading and Study Skills X   X
ENG 111-35 English Composition I X  
ENG 111-36Z English Composition I   X X
ENG 111-37 English Composition I X  
ENG 112-35Z/36Z English Composition II X X
ENG 115-35Z Technical Writing X X
ENG 116-35 Writing for Business X  
ENG 250-35 Children's Literature X  
ENG 241-35 American Literature I X
ENG 241-36Z American Literature I X X
ENG 242-35 American Literature II X  
ENG 242-36 American Literature II X  
ENG 243-35 Survey of  English Literature I X    
ENG 244-35 Survey of  English Literature II X    
ENG 251-35 Survey of  World Literature I X  
ENG 252-35 Survey of  World Literature II X  
ENG 261-35AL Creative Writing X  
ENG 268-35 Modern Drama X  
ENG 273-35 Women in Literature X  
ENG 278-35 Appalachian Literature X  


ETR 113-35 D.C. & A.C. Fundamentals I X  
ETR 114-35 D.C. & A.C. Fundamentals II X  
ETR 167-35 Logic Circuits and Systems X X  
ELE 298-35Z Seminar and Project X X


FIN 107-35 Personal Finance X  
FIN 215-35 Financial Management X  


HIM 111-35/36 Medical Terminology I X  
HIM 112-35/36 Medical Terminology and Disease Processes I X  
HIM 149-35 Intro to Medical Practice Management X  
HIM 151-35 Reimbursement Issues Medical Practice X  
HIM 163-35 Anatomy & Physiology for Administrative Health Professionals   X  
HIM 220-35 Health Statistics X  
HIM 226-35 Legal Aspects of Health Record Documentation X  
HIM 229-35 Performance Improvement in Health Care Settings X  
HIM 233-35/36 Electronic Health Records Management X  
HIM 253-35 Health Records Coding X  
HIM 254-35 Advanced Coding & Reimbursement X  
HIM 265-35 Facility Based Medical Coding X  


HIS 101-35 History of Western Civilization I X  
HIS 102-35 History of Western Civilization II X  
HIS 111-35 History of World Civilization I X  
HIS 121-35 U.S. History I X  
HIS 121-36AL U.S. History I X  
HIS 122-35/36 U.S. History II X  
HIS 266-35 Military History of the Civil War X  
HIS 281-35 History of Virginia I X  
HIS 282-35 History of Virginia II X  


HLT 110-35 Personal and Community Health X
HLT 110-36 Personal and Community Health X
HLT 115-35Z/36Z Intro to Personal and Community Health X X
HLT 115-37Z Intro to Personal and Community Health X X
HLT 116-35Z/36Z Personal Wellness X X
HLT 135-35 Child Health and Nutrition X    
HLT 230-35Z/36Z Nutrition & Human Development X X


HMS 100-35 Introduction to Human Services   X  


ITD 110-35 Web Page Design X X 
ITD 110-35AL Web Page Design X X 
ITD 210-35 Web Page Design II   X 
ITD 212-35 Interactive Web Design   X 


ITE 115-35/36 Computer Applications & Concepts X  
ITE 141-35 Beginning Excel X  
ITE 151-35 Access X  
ITE 195-35  Intermediate Excel X  
ITE 195-36 Advanced Excel X  


ITP 160-35 Intro to Game Design and Development X  
ITP 220-35 Java Programming II X  


INS 112-35Z Instrumentation Fundamentals X X
INS 220-35/36 Introduction to Fluid Power   X X 
INS 230-35/36 Instrumentation I   X X 
INS 231-35Z/36Z Instrumentation II   X X X
INS 231-37Z Instrumentation II   X X X
INS 232-35/36/37 System Troubleshooting     X  
INS 233-35/36/37 Process Control Integration X   X  
INS 298-35 Seminar Project     X 


LGL 110-35 Introduction to Law and the Legal Assistant    
LGL 115-35 Real Estate Law for Legal Assistants X    
LGL 117-35 Family Law X  
LGL 127-35 Legal Research and Writing X  
LGL 130-35 Law Office Administration and Management X    
LGL 215-35 Torts X    
LGL 216-35 Trial Preparation and Discovery Practice X    
LGL 218-35 Criminal Law X  
LGL 225-35 Estate Planning and Probate X    
LGL 228-35 Real Estate Settlement Practicum X    
LGL 235-35 Legal Aspect/Organization X    


MAC J06-35/36 Machine Shop Operations X X 
MAC K06-35 Machine Shop Operations X X 
MAC 106-35 Machine Shop Operators X X 
MAC J07-35 Technology of Machining X X 
MAC K07-35 Technology of Machining X X 
MAC 107-35 Technology of Machining X X 
MAC 215-35 Machine Techniques X X 
MAC S15-35 Machine Techniques X X 
MAC T15-35 Machine Techniques X X 
MAC 217-35 Precision Machining Techniques X X 
MAC S17-35 Precision Machining Techniques X X 
MAC T17-35 Precision Machining Techniques X X 


MEC 161-35 Basic Fluid Mechanics-Hydraulics/Pneumatics   X  


MKT 100-35 Principles of Marketing X  
MKT 110-35 Principles of Selling X  
MKT 120-35 Fundamentals of Fashion X  
MKT 209-35 Sports, Entertainment, Recreation  Marketing X  
MKT 228-35 Promotion X  
MKT 229-35 Marketing Research X  
MKT 275-35 International Marketing X  
MKT 282-35 Principles of E-Commerce X  
MKT 285-35Z Current Issues in Marketing X X


MTH 07-35 Basic Trig X  
MTH 115-35 Technical Mathematics I   X  
MTH 120-35 Introduction to Mathematics X  
MTH 141-35 Business Mathematics I X  
MTH 151-35 Math for Liberal Arts I X  
MTH 151-36AL Math for Liberal Arts I X  
MTH 152-35 Math for Liberal Arts II X  
MTH 157-35 Elementary Statistics X  
MTH 163-35 Precalculus I X  
MTH 166-35 Pre-Calculus with Trigonometry X  
MTH 173-35 Calculus with Analytic Geometry I X  
MTH 174-35 Calculus with Analytic Geometry II X  
MTH 176-35 Calculus of One Variable I X  
MTH 177-35Z Introductory Linear Algebra X X
MTH 240-35 Statistics I X  
MTH 271-35 Applied Calculus I X  
MTH 271-36AL Applied Calculus I X  
MTT 1-35/36 Developmental Mathematics   X  
MTT 2-35/36 Developmental Mathematics   X  
MTT 3-35/36 Developmental Mathematics   X  
MTT 4-35/36 Developmental Mathematics   X  


MUS 08-35 Fundamentals of Music X  
MUS 121-35 Music Appreciation I X  
MUS 121-36AL Music Appreciation I   X  
MUS 121-37 Music Appreciation I   X  
MUS 221-35  History of Music I   X  
MUS 222-35  History of Music II   X  
MUS 225-35  History of Jazz   X  


NUR 226-35/36 Health Assessment   X 


PHI 100-35 Introduction to Philosophy   X  


PLS 135-35 Political Science X    


PSY 200-35/36 Principles of Psychology X  
PSY 215-35 Abnormal Psychology X  
PSY 230-35/36 Developmental Psychology X  
PSY 235-35 Child Psychology X  
PSY 245-35 Educational Psychology X    


REL 230-35 Religions of the World X  


SAF 127-35 Industrial Safety X  


SDV 100-35Z/36Z/37Z College Success Skills X X
SDV 100-38Z/39AZ/39BZ College Success Skills X X
SDV 100-39CZ/39DZ/39EZ College Success Skills X X


SOC 200-35Z/36Z Principles of Sociology X X
SOC 266-35 Minority Group Relations X  
SOC 266-36AL Minority Group Relations X  
SOC 268-35 Social Problems X
SOC 268-36AL Social Problems X


SPA 101-35 Beginning Spanish I   X  
SPA 102-35 Beginning Spanish II X  


WEL 100-35/36 Fundamentals of Welding X X  

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