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Science Student

Exam Schedule

Find the regular meeting time for your class in the table (located in the white boxes). The day and date at the top of that column is the day of the exam, the time at the far left of that row is the time of the exam. Exams for evening classes will be on the same day at the same meeting time as the regular scheduled class time.

Spring 2014

Exam Times
May 7
May 8
May 9
May 12
May 13
8:00-10:00   9:30 TR 8:00 MWF 9:05 MWF 8:00 TR
10:30-12:30   12:00 TR 10:10 MWF 11:15 MWF  
1:00-3:00   1:30 TR 12:20 MWF 1:25 MWF 4:30 TR
3:30-5:30   3:00 TR 2:30 MWF 3:35 MWF  
Evening Wednesday Thursday   Monday Tuesday
  Grades DUE from faculty - Wednesday, May 14 by noon.