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Add/Drop Class Advisor
Admissions & Records
Apprenticeship Program Patty Ryan
Books NRCC Bookstore
Campus Publications Joyce Taylor / Kelly Kaiser
Counseling Student Services
Rod Reedy, Activities Coordinator
Rebecca Whitener, Night Counselor
Peggy Dunn
Crimes Security Office
Security Report
Disciplinary Actions Rod Reedy
Disabilities Lucy Howlett
Distance Education Program Distance Education
Facility Reservation Carmen Price
Financial Problems Lori Tibbs
Graduation Advisor / Admissions & Records
Illness or Injury/First Aid Supplies Security Office - Godbey Hall North Entrance
Student Activities Office - Student Lounge
Library Desk - Martin Hall
Counseling Center - Rooker Hall
Business, & Technologies - Edwards Hall
NRV Mall Site - Christiansburg, Receptionist Desk
Job Placement/Employment Counseling & Advising
Loans and Grants Financial Aid
Lost and Found Security Office
Parking Fine Payment Business Office - 29 Godbey
Persons with Disabilities Center for Deaf and Hard Of Hearing
Center for Disability Services
Registration Advisor
Admissions & Records
Schedule Change Advisor
Admissions & Records
Sexual Assault Counselor
Sexual Harrassment Counselor
Student Government Association Rod Reedy
Study Habits Counselor
Academic Assistance
Substance Abuse Counselor
TTY Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Testing & Testing Anxiety Counselor
Time Management Counselor
Academic Assistance
Transcripts Admissions & Records
Transfer Advisement Counselor
  Transfer Resources
Vehicle Registration Security Office
Veterans' Affairs/Benefits Veterans Services